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it's me
' 👋 Hi, Denny here, I love coding with JavaScript. I'm always playing around with different Web Things or Legos. There's too much to learn, but there's time '


Nodeschool San Miguel
Nodeschool San Miguel

Ones of the projects I love the most NodeschoolSM is a Tech Community I help organizing. It's located on El Salvador.

D3 Notes
D3 Notes

I try to write about any stuff I'm learning here. It's made using Github Wiki's

My Codepen
My Codepen

My codepen profile, the place I started coding on :)


Aprendé Javascript desde tu email con un contenido previamente preparado y curado.


Evento online de Freestyle Rap. Lanzamiento este año :)

It's projects, ...but meeh!


My name's Denny Portillo. I love Science and Technology and all stuff related to nowadays gadgets makes me go crazy. Since childhood I had been attracted to this techy-weirdy-nerdy like things. Dad and Mom say that they were always putting an eye on what I was doing because little me was trying to destroy any stuff he finds on his path maybe rying to understand how they function or just smashing 'em. While growing I've started to feel really passionate to code.

I'm currently part of the SPOT team as the Chief Web Officer (Yaay, Web things simply Rock!), some of my hobbies are playing around with code, watching some anime things or playing videogames on spare time. I also like playing with lego things and Open Hardware.


JavaScript 77%
CSS 44%
Power Ranger Red 99.99%
Passion to code 103%

Psst, Skill metrics are not a thing on this decade. I can stand up any problem life puts on my way :)



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